500k Games is Kootra's single player series. As the title suggests, there are 500 thousand single players games on disc, that Kootra intends to "play through all 500,000 of these games".


Kootra was at the store when he saw this game. He claimed to want to make this a regular series, as there is no shortage of games. It is doubtful that Kootra will get through all the games, especially considering he plans to revisit some of them.

Chicken Attack

Chicken Attack is the first game Kootra decided to play. It is a typical ball and paddle game where the objective is to clear all the obstacles on the screen while freeing the chickens trapped in cages. T


here are also powerups which you had to collect that affected your ball. It took Kootra a few minutes to get used to the game and it's mechanics, however he soon became skilled at the game and was finishing levels quickly. He got to level 8, before ending it with 87,300 points.

Super Frog

Super Frog is the second game Kootra decided to play, a platform game where you play as a frog having to collect flowers for points. There are 85 levels in total, Kootra only playing 10 of them. There are various enemies featured in the loading screen which eat the flowers before you can get them, and you have to wait for the flower to regrow. Kootra lost the game on level 6 early into the game with 53,000 points on Easy. He then re-started the game on Hard, getting to Level 10 before losing all his lives again, ending with 46,300 points.

Extreme Motorbike Racing

Extreme Motorbike Racing is the third game Kootra decided to play, a third person motorbike racing game. You race around the street collecting checkpoints for time bonuses. Kootra started off making fun of the game, naming his character "Spike" and mocking the title. He then dropped the mocking and continued to laugh hysterically at the many things in the game, such as the ragdoll effect after falling off your bike. He came last place in both the races he participated in.

WW2 Aerial Dogfight

WW2 Aerial Dogfight is the fourth game Kootra decided to play, taking the position of a pilot trying to take down other airplanes and destroying enemy plants. This is the shortest of the series so far, at 15 minutes long. Kootra had many difficulties with dying from colliding with other airplanes throughout the entire video. He also commented on how fast the plane had the ability to steer left and right. He ended the video after doing 4 levels.


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