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The Alter Egos of Danz Newz are multiple personalities Dan has made over the past few years. Dan has come up with some of the most notable characters within the Creature Universe.


Main article: BatDanz

BatDanz is Dan's most popular character. BatDanz was birthed from Dan's love of Batman. BatDanz has made multiple appearances in random creature videos and events. These include but aren't limited to, the Man of Steel Creature Movie Trip, DC Stream Week, and the 2013 24 Hour Livescream.

Uncle Tommy[]

Main article: Uncle Tommy

Uncle Tommy is a satirical pedophile, and the founder of "Uncle Tommy's Drywall"


Cop was a character portrayed by Dan in the Bunny Bust Creature Short series. He is known for his gruff voice, and his quest to avenge the death of his partner Buddy.

Asshole Lee[]

Asshole Lee is Danz's name for Lee for his second playthrough of The Walking Dead, most of the time he would try and speak in his voice.

360 Avatar[]

see: The 360 Avatar

24 Hour Livescream characters[]


  • Duff Man - A super hero sponsoring the drink Duff. He also dances Gangnam Style.
  • Scream Guy - The scream guy who kept trying to kill Seamus.


  • Big Bad Wolf - Danz' 1st costume. It was used while the intro was being played. He later made out with a zombie.
  • Walter White  - Mr. White was Danz' 2nd costume. It was used while playing Payday 2. He is a parody on the Breaking Bad Character
  • Horse (with Nova) - Danz' 6th costume (front of the horse) and Nova's 5th costume (rear of the horse). Used in final half-hour hype. They temporarily became two horses after seperating when Nova put on the horse mask from his first costume.




  • His legendary characters Uncle Tommy and BatDanz have appeared on the LiveScreams.
    • Uncle Tommy was created during the 2012 LiveScream

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