The Anal Army is a mock fanbase title that some of Nova's fans have given themselves, while nothing about it is actually official. Some even call themselves other titles like, "Butt Battalion", or "Cornhole Crusaders." Others also claim that the name of the fanbase changes every week in alphabetical order.


In a Creature Talk (episode 59), Nova claims he had the idea of calling his fanbase the Anal Army. Fans also often speculate that the whole idea of this was born from how Nova keeps changing his username on Steam or other games to names involving the word "anal", such as "Anal_O", "AnalShipment", "Anal Decomposer", etc, to avoid being stalked. He does not, however, change his profile picture.


  • When asked what the Anal Army was, Nova replied saying he had no idea.
  • Nova and many other Creatures actually make fun of the idea of naming your fanbase, adding to falsity of the name.
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