The Anal Family is a family shown in Nova's Sims 4 playthrough on his channel for the games The Sims 4 and Hard Time. The Anal Family became an expansion to the Anal Brothers when Momma Anal and The Anal Savior were introduced.


Before the Anal Family, Denied Anal was the only known member, and was previously his own standalone character, before joining the Anal Brothers with Accepted Anal's arrival, and then having the Anal Brothers be incorporated as the Anal Family with the arrival of Momma Anal and the Anal Savior.

Family Members

Denied Anal, an illegitimate white son who wears a trimmed afro and tank top. He is more mellow than his counterpart, but also seems much slower. He was the first of the Anal Brothers introduced, and after his death, Accepted Anal came.

Accepted Anal, a short tempered black man with a blonde mullet and mustache. Tends to pick on his brother, Denied Anal. Denied Anal is evil, but romantic, and does love his family very much. He was introduced the episode of Hard Time after the murder of Denied Anal, making him the second Anal.

Anal Savior (possibly), a prophet who lived in the Middle East 2000 years ago, came from The You Testament. He was chronologically the first known Anal, but was the third character introduced.

Momma Anal, the mother of Accepted Anal is a black woman with saggy breasts and beady piercing eyes. She is materialistic, but loves his boys. She was the fourth Anal, coming from Nova's Sims 4 Let's Play.

Fishy Anal is a tetra owned by Accepted Anal. He was the fifth of the Anal Family to be introduced while Nova was having a shopping spree.


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