Name Ashley Patching
Age 22
Subscribers 45,000+
Creature Connections Seamus

Ashley "AshhBearr" Patching is a friend of the Creatures and girlfriend of Seamus. During the SMITE Launch Tournament: Celebrity Showmatch, Ash played for the Creatures' team.


She has been seen in a video on TheCreatureHub YouTube channel of James at PAX East. She has also appeared in Creature Talk around the 1:20:40 mark in this video. She moved out and lived in an apartment by herself near the Creature house before moving in with Seamus in another apartment. 

Seamus and Ash @ PAX East 2012 (Nova's Adventures)

As of November 11th, 2013, AshhBearr was a part of COGxx, COGnitive Gaming's all-female Smite competitive team. The announcement was made in this thread. AshhBearr was noted as playing the support role on the team. However, by February of 2014, she has quit.

Current Games


  • She likes bears, but not as much as Diction, and she prefers cats.
  • Ashley's favorite Pokemon is Vaporeon.
  • Ashley has arachnophobia and acrophobia.
  • Ashley's favorite game is Final Fantasy: Mystic Quest.
  • Diction and Seamus referred to her as "AssBear" in the Top Ramen Minecraft map. This was started when Diction would misspell her name as "AssBear" when having to teleport.
  • She dislikes Princess Peach and Goombella too as quoted in her tags "Princess Peach Sucks and Expects Us to Do Everything For Her...Goombella sucks too cause she fugly."
  • Ashley has been dating SSoHPKC since February 4th 2012.
  • Seamus constantly teases her about being James' sister, but this was a running joke amongst some of the Creatures as stated in this video in response.
  • She has a cat named Kit-Kat.


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