Bailey is Kootra and Monica's Euro Cream Golden Retriever. It is currently unknown whether he is still with Kootra.



Bailey is Kootra's first dog, breaking a trend of Kootra adopting cats. (Snowflake does not count since he is Monica's pet.) According to Meet Bailey the Puppy!, the cats are not afraid of him so far. Bailey also made a cameo by barking in Kootra's Viking Adventures series during Episode 16. Bailey made another appearance on one of Kootra's update videos and has grown much bigger due to not being on camera for months.


  • Bailey occasionally likes to bark during Kootra's videos, he claims this is why he 'hates' dogs since they bark a lot, contrary to cats.
  • He first met PuppyChef during the Secret Santa 8 Hour Stream.
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