The Ballad of Meow was written and edited by Jordan "Kootra" Matthewson in 2014. It was part of the Sarcasm with Seamus shorts.


The Ballad of Meow was written by Kootra in his last days on the planet. It follows some cats, some meows and council of cats. The Ballad of Meow is one of the greatest Ballad's of all time and is considered to be Kootra's greatest work.

The Ballad

Meow the cats brown, and if the cats meow the cats, then meow be the brown of cats meow. This is fortold unto the cats of yore, that will never come to pass unless the cats return to the mountain, Far over, the misty mountains cats, to dungeons cats, and caverns meow. We must a meow, are break of brown, to find or long, forgotten meow. The cats were meowing, on the height. The browns were meowing, in the night. The cats were meow, in meowing brown.

The cats like brown meows blazed with meows.
Ballad of Meow

I am also a cat. This will be the most amazing cat drama ever to see the light of day. 17 of the finest cats from kingdoms unknown will attend and rave about endless amounts of sardines. If any cat apposes , let it be known that the council of kitty cats shall raze them to the ground! Seven cats from seven kingdoms will descend upon the five kingdoms of middle meow to give counsel and eat plenty of fish on their journey. And from this day forth, let all the enemies of middle meow hear of the heroic deeds of meowicus the meow, the highest brown of cat order.

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