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maxresdefault.jpg|Ex-Creature and vigilante, [[Gassy Mexican|BatMax]].
maxresdefault.jpg|Ex-Creature and vigilante, [[Gassy Mexican|BatMax]].
BatKoots.jpg|[[Kootra|BatKoots]], otherwise known as The Dark Cat.
BM_3duoCcAAmNDt.jpg|[[ZeRoyalViking|BatZe]], or as he called it, "Street Batman."
BM_3duoCcAAmNDt.jpg|[[ZeRoyalViking|BatZe]], or as he called this look, "Street Batman."

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BatDanz is the superhero alter-ego of Danz.


BatDanz has appeared in videos such as a campaign video during the Creature Carl Campaign and has even had a whole week dedicated to him on Danz's channel prior to the release of Batman: Arkham City.

The original BatDanz mask was a replica from the 1989 movie, Batman and was given away by Danz to a random fan during the 24-Hour Livestream. Danz had already ordered a new mask at that point, the current one which is a replica of the one from The Dark Knight.


  • The mask has been worn by Gassy and Kootra, prompting the others to call them BatMax and BatKoots, respectively.
  • During "BatDanz Week", Danz wore the mask around his town while driving with his siblings. When asked by a YouTuber whether or not he had been noticed by others for wearing the mask, Danz replied that he "nearly caused an accident".
  • BatDanz's favorite hobby is "chotchkeys", which is like collecting chotchkeys except with your fists.
  • He uses BatFuel or rocket fuel for his Batmobile.
  • He consistently abuses Alfred, his butler, even though he is old and can barely take a punch. BatDanz also thoroughly enjoys Alfred's homemade cherry turnovers, which apparently "taste like justice."
  • He recently was fooled by the Joker, causing him to put on weight and for others to call him "Fatman."





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