BatDanz is the superhero alter-ego of Danz.


BatDanz has appeared in videos such as a campaign video during the Creature Carl Campaign and has even had a whole week dedicated to him on Danz's channel prior to the release of "Batman: Arkham City".

The original BatDanz mask was a replica from the 1989 movie, "Batman" and was given away by Danz to a random fan during the 24-Hour Livestream. Danz had already ordered a new mask at that point, the current one which is a replica of the one from "The Dark Knight".


  • The mask has been worn by Gassy and Kootra, prompting the others to call them BatMax and BatKoots, respectively.
  • During "BatDanz Week", Danz wore the mask around his town while driving with his siblings. When asked by a YouTuber whether or not he had been noticed by others for wearing the mask, Danz replied that he "nearly caused an accident".
  • BatDanz's favorite hobby is "chotchkeys", which is like collecting chotchkeys except with your fists.
  • He uses BatFuel or rocket fuel for his Batmobile.
  • He consistently abuses Alfred, his butler, even though he is old and can barely take a punch. BatDanz also thoroughly enjoys Alfred's homemade cherry turnovers, which apparently "taste like justice".
  • He recently was fooled by the Joker, causing him to put on weight and for others to call him "Fatman".





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BatDanz Can't Wait For Dark Knight Rises

BatDanz Can't Wait For Dark Knight Rises

BatDanz Can't Wait for The Dark Knight Rises

BatDanz at PAX Prime 2012

BatDanz at PAX Prime 2012


BatDanz "Splinter Cell Blacklist" Interview (PAX Prime 2012)

BatDanz "Splinter Cell Blacklist" Interview (PAX Prime 2012)

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