TreeTopia Ep 6 "GRIEFED!?" (Minecraft)

TreeTopia Ep 6 "GRIEFED!?" (Minecraft)

Bobby Burglar is a running gag in TreeTopia. During the end of their first session in TreeTopia, Kootra accidentally left the server out, letting anyone to play in it. Due to this, someone named "Bobby" (dubbed Bobby Burglar by Seamus) blew up all of their homes (except Sly's shop) while they were away. Nova discovered this first (during the opening of episode 6) and the problem was fixed immediately (except for Dan's "Shit Shack" and Kootra's treehouse). Seamus found Bobby's house at the end of the jungle close to their in-progress treehouse village.

Bobby is frequently mentioned the episodes after, being blamed for unexplainable things (such as a fully lit cave on the other island, that no one visited and the ores were left intact)


  • Bobby is the only person to have played TreeTopia that isn't a member of the Creatures.
    • How he got into the server is still a mystery to this day. All we know is that Kootra forgot to turn on the whitelist.
  • Bobby Burglar was jokingly said to be one of James possible roommates after the Creature House lease was up.

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