Shenanigans impending.

Bunny is an alter-ego of Nova's that he adopts using a white bunny costume, much the same as Gumby and his other costumes. The costume has "giant feet" and a fluffy tail as well as an oversized head. Just like with the Gumby Suit, James had bought the bunny costume over Amazon.


In "Meet Bunny" on the Creaturehub YouTube channel, James shows Seamus and Dan the new bunny suit he had bought. He then walked into Max's room and surprised Max while he was recording Halo with Sp00n, knocking over a drink Max had left on the floor in the process. Bunny left the room in shame and brought a towel to apologize though he aggressively threw it on the floor. There may still be more to come using this new character in the Creature House, fans are hoping for an epic battle between Bunny and Gumby.

Excerpts from Creature Hub Shorts

Bunny Bust

Bunny is apparently a drug dealer/addict, specifically to Fun Dip. He was doing drugs with a gas mask man, who was really working for the cops, in his garage. The two were apprehended by Cop and Horse in a drug raid. Bunny took the gas mask man as a hostage, only to have him be killed by the Cop. The two then tied down Bunny to a chair and proceeded to torture him for an hour. The Cop then got a call from his "superiors" telling him to kill Bunny. The Cop broke Bunny's neck, killing him. The Cop later remarked that "this is why I wished I was a real cop".

Bunny Bust II

In the events of Bunny Bust 2, which most likely takes place a few months after the original Bunny Bust, Bunny is now dead, after having his neck snapped by Cop. Bunny's brother, Dieter, is now planning revenge on Cop. He hires Gumby to kill Cop's partner, Horse. Gumby pretends to be a capable new sidekick for Cop, but in the end kidnaps him and brings him to Dieter. During Cop's escape, Dieter is shot with an arrow by Archer  because Dieter hurt Archer's precious plant "Petunia." Cop then slices off Dieter's head with his blade, killing him. In the end it is revealed that the gas mask man, who was buying drugs from Bunny in the original Bunny Bust, was the one that opened the door for Cop and Horse to come in and stop the drug deal.


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