Bunny Bust is the most popular and viewed Creature Short made by the Creatures. It was released on Feburary 25th, 2012 and was directed by Kootra, edited by Danz. Due to the popularity of the short, it spawned a sequel, Bunny Bust 2. Bunny Bust can be viewed here.

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The short starts off when an officer (Danz) is driving with a horse (Gassy), who is 'fresh out of the stables'. The officer reveals to the horse that they are going into a drug bust and they have a man inside as they park near a garage. In said garage, Bunny (Nova) and a gas mask-equipped man (Seamus) are seen making Fun Dip lines and snorting them, something the gas mask man is reluctant about. The informant opens the garage doors and the officer and horse rush in demanding for them to get on the ground, Bunny, frightened by them quickly grabs the gas mask man and uses him as a shield. Danz quickly shoots the man and punches Bunny, who is later knocked out by the horse.

When the Bunny regains consciousness, he is interrogated where he got the drugs (Fun Dip). An hour later, Bunny still hasn't revealed where he got them, even though he is now being tortured by the two. Somewhere along the line, he pisses himself out of pure terror. The officer gets a call from 'command', and then proceeds to shoo the horse away, then snap the neck of Bunny, killing him. After the credits roll, the officer tells the horse gleefully, "This is why I wish I was a real cop."


Due to the high success of the first Bunny Bust, the Creatures decided to make a sequel, Bunny Bust 2.




  • Filmed, Directed and Special Effects by Kootra
  • Editing by Danz
  • Written by Kootra, Danz, Seamus, Gassy and Nova


  • Music by Pro Scores
  • "Fenster's Explanation" by Kevin MacLeod


  • The informant has not been seen. Some speculate it was Gas Mask man, though he was shot.  It was revealed in Bunny Bust II that it was in fact Gas Mask Man.
  • All the Fun Dip used were the packets sent by fans.
  • Some people who have watched the first Bunny Bust thought that the horse was Sp00n. This was proved to be false since the credits say: "Gassy Mexican as Horse".
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