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CT Snapshots (or Creature Talk Snapshots) is an animated series on The Creature Hub, highlighting both fan voted and other popular moments from past Creature Talk episodes. They are mostly animated by the Creatures' friend Bevin, and a few were animated by Lemur and Tvoltage.


Bevin and The Creatures pick a funny moment from Creature Talk that they want to see in animated form. Bevin animates it with the audio clip, and Dan edits and puts it together with the audio.


  1. Plane Pain (from Epsiode 60)
  2. Laser Tag (from Episode 70)

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  3. Mascot Madness (from Episode 70)
  4. Water Cooler Gang (from Episode 76)
  5. Quill Man (from Episode 66)
  6. Fart T-X (from Episode 77)
  7. Stan Lee Petting Zoo (from Episode 79)
  8. Bear Attack (from Episode 79)
  9. House Showing(from Episode 87)
  10. Taxi (from Episode 87)
  11. Box Story (from Episode 87)
  12. Snow Bike (from Episode 112)
  13. Dan's Ride Along (from Episode 115)
  14. Daredevil's REAL Powers (from Episode 125)
  15. The Joe Unleashed (from Episode 126)
  16. Dog Walk Conspiracy (from Episode 126)