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Carnival Of Doooom
Carnival of doooom.jpg

Kootra (Named "Carnival of Doom")
SSoHPKC (Named "Carnival of Doom")

Series Start May 24, 2011
Series End May 29, 2011
Participants Nova
No. of Episodes 10

Carnival Of Doooom was a Minecraft series featuring Nova, Kootra, and Seamus playing a custom map. The objective of the map was to complete 10 challenge rooms to unlock a bonus room at the end.


Minecraft: Carnival of Doooom involved three of the Creatures; Nova, Seamus and Kootra. This map sees the return of Seamus' popular Mario skin as well as the beginning of Sign City.


Carnival of Doom was an adventure map which Nova, Seamus and Kootra played through. The goal was to play through the carnival based rooms to find a lever at the end of the level like areas. They had to flip a total of ten levers to end up with the bonus room at the end.

Although this map was originally meant for two people, these Creatures certainly made a meal of it, even with the extra person, having to send Kootra back into several rooms to flip the levers he forgot about in the favour of the prizes instead and revisit one completely at the end.  While Kootra was flipping the levers at one point, Seamus and Nova decided to go into the Tunnel of Love together. Kooters showed his "grabby" tendencies again during this map, charging past Nova and Seamus to reach the prize chest and grab the best loot even though his contributions to the puzzles was minimal. Karma was on Nova and Seamus' sides it seems, as further into the adventure Kootra trips a booby-trap sending him and his minecart face-first into lava instead of the starting point, ridding him of all the items he unjustly took. The map ended, as all the best ones do with an overkill of TNT and an unsuspecting hot air balloon.


  • This series has a t-shirt dedicated to it in Nova's store.
  • The map was also uploaded on Kootra's and Seamus' channels but not named the same as Nova's.

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