Caballi reproduce in three ways.

1. They can reproduce by a male Caballi and female Caballi mating with each other in either or human or animal forms. 

2. They cane reproduce through a human virgin, a unicorn can bestow inside a woman a fertilized egg which was done by a male partner either another human or Caballi. The child will be half. this is the only way for a half blood to occur. if a human has sex with a Caballi the child's status will depend on it's mother. if the mother is Caballi then the child will be as well. if not then the child will simply be human. 3. They can reproduce with Incubi and Succubae. Interestingly enough. in human form Caballi can reproduce with succubae and incubi. however the child will not be 50/50 but 100/100. meaning pure blood in both sides.

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