Chandler IRL
Chandler IRL
Some attributes
First Real Name: Chandler Riggs
Second Age: 13
Third Creature Connections:
Other attributes
Fourth As seen in: Minecraft: Hershel's Land
Screwing Around in GTA IV w/ Danz
Fifth Notable Trait: Plays Carl Grimes on The Walking Dead

TheOrangeTrampoline, better known as Chandler Riggs, plays Carl Grimes on the popular TV series The Walking Dead.

History with the Creatures

Danz and James, being big fans of The Walking Dead, created a survival multiplayer minecraft series off of the show and named it "Hershel's Land." While doing the series by themselves, a lot of the comments they received said they should play with Chandler, because he has his own YouTube channel.

After a long wait, Chandler joined the two in episode 52. Chandler previously stated on one of his vlogs that he would be recording with James and Dan later that night. The reception of Carl was sort of a hit-or-miss; a lot of people liked him and thought the addition to the series was great, while some people thought that he was too immature.

During the series so far, Rick (Dan) and Shane (James) have given him the task of building the house. Both said, "If we mess up, people will get mad-- so good luck!" and "That's why you're here!" Most of the time, instead of getting work done, Nova and Danz would just fight over Carl. Chandler has hit Nova with a bow and sword. He also has picked Nova's apple over Dan's Swiss Army knife as a birthday present. Chandler left the series after two recording sessions, as shooting for season 3 of The Walking Dead had begun.

He later joined Danz for a quick GTA IV multiplayer session, in which they ran each other over, had a helicopter battle and were sent to paradise.



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