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Chilled and Ze's Excellent Adventure is a series about Chilled Chaos and Ze Royal Viking's adventures playing Minecraft together. The show was updated almost daily, but posting of the episodes have became quite rare. There has been only 1 episode since Chilled Chaos left the creatures. The first episode was posted on April 5th, 2011 on both Ze and Chilled's channel and is still running. There are a total of 112 episodes altogether.

First House

Chilled and Ze lived in their first house for about 37 episodes. After Chilled burned it down with lava, Ze then began a griefing spree. This sprung a war between the two.

Chilled and Ze's War

The war lasted for about 11 episodes. It involed Ze killing Chilled mutiple times and making him walk back to where they had made their forts due to Chilled's bed spawn not working. During the war, Ze found a wolf and named it Herman. Ze killed him a little while later. After Chilled and Ze had a truce, they connected the two forts.

2nd House/Connected Forts

Ze and Chilled connected the two forts using a glass and made a tunnel. They now live together again. They made a wheat farm in the tunnel as well. Ze has started making a dock. A grave for Ze's wolf, Herman, can been seen next to it. Chilled sleeps on the top floor while Ze sleeps on the floor under it. The duo have recently had a contest involving pistons and have started to spawn in items. Towards the later episodes, they had other creatures join the adventure and in episode 93, Chilled poured lava out of the bucket and damaged the tall structure majorly. Later with Seamus, they would start to build another house, but would never finish.

1 Hour Special

The 1 Hour Special was the return of the Excellent Adventure, and the 100th episode. It was the first episode in awhile. The main goal of the one hour special was to find a NPC Village, but they unfortunately didn't find one.

3rd House with No Door

Their third house (and the current one) is a house which they have not made a door for yet (for some reason), and they would share the house once again. They went through the Nether to find Blaze Mobs to get Blaze Rods for a brewing stand. This is probably the best moment in the series, and they have to escape without getting hit by a Blaze Mob, and Chilled fails as he dies, but he comes back for Ze. They finally get back and make a brewing stand, and drink some potions for a celebration. There hasn't been a episode since.


  • The name of the series is a reference to the popular movie "Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure."
  • Ze refers to the series as "Minecraft: Excellent Adventure" in the title of his videos.
  • =====A parody of the "Pig Sacrifice" was made showing how Ze attempted to kill Chilled and a pig with a block of TNT=====
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