China Prime was the empire created by Sly in TreeTopia.


The gag was created when Sly said he saw a comment with a demographic representing all of the Creatures with their own country based on where they had built their houses. Since his land was rather large and located east of the others' houses, it was correlated to China. He decided to stick with the title, and named his land "China Prime." Sly was the only Creature to acknowledge this comment.


Ever since his acknowledgement of his area being akin to China, he has since named it "China Prime." He named it China Prime to be similar to services like "Amazon Prime" with a phrase: "China China Prime, China Prime Prime Prime", which he makes the other Creatures say in order to enter his property. China is located outside of the others (with the exception of Aleks) in a swamp biome. It has many buildings and features, which James discovered when he was investigating. China is known for being one of the most powerful forces in the series. Sly has also recreated a giant reproduction of the Chinese flag using wool above his sheep pen. Sly put in an "outline" for it made of white wool, leading many to believe he was actually creating a Japanese flag by mistake. This was corrected by Sly, possibly after seeing the many comments about it.


  • Sly decided to make China "high-horse", therefore giving up on the making of his Deku tree 2.0.
  • In the past, the other Creatures have discussed invading China.
  • James had investigated China going back to his Rose from Mount Saint Honolulu.
  • "China China Prime, China Prime Prime Prime" is sung to the tempo of Oriental Riff.
  • Many other versions of the jingle have been sung using different words. (Mostly contributed by Dan)
  • The National Anthem was "revealed" to be a "China Prime version" of Firework by Katy Perry in Episode 107.
  • It has been referenced on many of Sly's other series such as Tomodachi Life.
  • China Prime, along with its flag, was blown up in the TreeTopia Finale, along with many other of the Creatures' buildings.
  • In his Super Minecraft Daily series, China Prime returns in episode 97.
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