The Sesame Street character, Cookie Monster, is a joke created by Nova or fans in multiple Minecraft series. All of Nova's Minecraft skins since the Chuck Green skin involve the Cookie Monster in various outfits, except his pyjack skin, Honeydew Skin, Shane skin, and Loki skin (Although it was later edited in.)
Chef cookie monster

Nova's Chef Cookie Monster skin.


During his and Kootra's Tree Fortress series, Nova randomly switched from his Chuck Greene skin to a vanilla Cookie Monster skin. It was well received and it stuck, which led Nova to make his skin "battle-damaged" after saving the tree house.

List of Cookie Monster skinsEdit

  • Queenbee Cookie Monster
  • Chef Cookie Monster
  • Battle-damaged-cookie-monster minecraft skin-304913

    Queen Bee Cookie

    CM Punk Cookie Monster
  • Cookie Cole
  • Cookie Kratos
  • Cookie Priest
  • Cookie Demoman
  • Cookie Dragonborn
  • Alex Mercer Cookie Monster
  • Battle Damaged Cookie Monster
  • Honeydew Cookie Monster
  • Cookie Loki
  • Cookie Goku
  • Crossing Guard Cookie
  • Cookie Santa


  • When Nova crouches and looks down his eyes squint making him "look more retarded," as Gassy Mexican stated.
  • Nova and other Creatures often comment that, when wearing a helmet in-game, the Cookie Monster's eyes aren't visible and his face is just a large mouth.
  • Nova once rented a Cookie Monster Costume.
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