This is not an actual event, this is just speculation.

CreatureCon is a possible upcoming event that will feature all the Creatures at a location where fans can meet them and mingle with each other.


The community asked the Creatures during videos and livestreams if they will ever have an event where the group will be somewhere where people can see them. The group always said there may be a possibility of it, but it never became official.

Shortly into the 24 Hour Livestream, Kootra said that the possibility of CreatureCon could be strong since the Creature House is now becoming a reality.

On February 21, 2012, Kootra announced that a prototype-CreatureCon could happen at Fun City in Littleton, Colorado sometime during March 2012. However, as of summer 2012, plans of a CreatureCon have been put on hold. It currently appears that no CreatureCon will be held with in the near future, as it has not been mentioned at all.

However recently, in Creature Talk Ep. 84, a fan mentioned CreatureCon, in which Dan replied that it could happen in 2015 at the earliest or, most likely, 2016. However, this cannot be for certain.

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