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The Creature Carl Campaign was an event/campaign from November 2011 to help Creature Carl win the King of the Web competition. It was attended by many Creatures and received support from numerous friends and fans.


When the Creatures heard about the King of Web contest, wherein a $7,500 prize was being offered to the winner, they thought it would be the perfect opportunity for them to raise money for the Original Creature House, as well as their Minecraft Server and The Creature Server (TF2). To promote Creature Carl, they held an extremely long livestream and posted individual videos on each of their channels. They also received support from non-Creatures like ImmortalHD (who wasn't a Creature at the time).

Creature Carl finished in first place with approximately 861,000 votes and won the $7,500 prize


  • Many Critters made multiple accounts to vote, though the Creatures were against this.
  • Creature Carl Died fighting against terrorist in the south pacific on July 8th 2020
  • During a recent live stream, former Creature "ImmortalHD" confirmed that the imposter, was indeed, sus.