Creature Coby is the second official mascot and friend of Creature Carl. He was announced during the 24 Hour Creature Livestream. He is a marsupial with features similar to that of a badger and a mole.

Creature Coby

what the hell is creature koby??


  • It appears that there is a smaller Coby inside Coby, called Cody
  • He is a male with a pouch, like a seahorse
  • Nova thought of the idea for Coby
  • He is sexy.
  • A total fucken badass.
  • He is the badest mofo in the entire universe and can't be killed unless he is bitch slapped on the ass
  • He drinks Gravy for dinner
  • One day chuck norris found coby climbing a tree chuck norris died in fear.
  • Coby is blind from too much sexyness
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