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Creature Factions
Creature Factions Thumbnail
Channels Creature Hub
Series Start March 20, 2014
Series End On Indefinite Hiatus
Participants UberHaxorNova
Danz Newz
No. of Episodes 31

Creature Factions was a Minecraft series set on the Creature Minecraft Server, where the Creatures set up a faction and tried to survive.


The series was started initially by Sly, who wanted for himself and the other Creatures to have more of a presence on the server. The series featured the Creatures in their own group or, "faction", trying to survive and interacting with the other factions. The series was uploaded regularly to the hub alongside TreeTopia, on an every other day upload schedule.


First Base (Team Townsy)

The Creatures started the series off calmly. It took them a while to gain a steady food source and resources. James interacted with the nearby faction "Sau

The wall of the farm is destroyed as the base in under siege.

da", particularly member "Juffe98". He then witnessed another player parkour his way into their base. Eventually, the members of Sauda killed this player. James tried to help them close up their base, but eventually left. Then members of other factions started to slowly attempt to invade the Creatures' base. Then the situation got out of hand as multiple factions attempted to enter the base. The Creatures held them off at first, with Seamus as look out. Then it became hard to overcome, which led to the Creatures having to build a roof and locking down their base. Completely surrounded from all sides, with enemies crawling over the roof, the Creatures had to convince Dan to abandon the farm and retreat into the main building as rivals poured in through holes in the ceiling. Eventually, the enemies started using TNT cannons, blowing holes into the base, which according to Sly, shouldn't have been happening because the people who ran the factions said that explosions were off.

Second Base

After the disastrous results of the first base, the Creatures set off and claimed new land. They allowed other people to join Team Townsy, which included James' old friend "Juffe". The Creatures were still trying to avoid insurgency rival "GooNzll" and felt accomplished with the base they had built.

Third Base (Team Backpain)

The Creatures returned to the server next session to discover that the base they where once so proud of had been auctioned off by members who the Creatures had trusted and allowed to join. Aleks (who was not in the previous session) and James spawned in a bunch of TNT, blowing up the massive shell of cobble that surrounded their once proud base. They barely left any evidence, and killed the few players who were still at old base in the process. These players also tried to steal TNT that Aleks and James had spawned in. The Creatures then ventured out into the water and built a new base out there, trying to avoid GooNzll discovering their coordinates.

The Creatures' third base is now located in the water giving them distance from nearby land as a tactile advantage. The oceanic base featured a first floor supporting areas for chests and furnaces, a spider spawner, a chicken spawner, and a ladder leading to underwater rooms. The base also featured a waterfall coating defense system for any attempts of TNT cannons being used against The Creatures. This, however, did not stay isolated for long as other players on the server had set up a defensive perimeter around the Creatures' base, a square-like cobblestone wall. They allied with the sub army, whose goal was to help the Creatures. However, after setting out to raid other factions, upon their return home the Creatures came to realize that their base was now claimed by others after losing faction power.


S. Name & link Creatures present
Nova Seamus Kootra Sly Danz Aleks
1st 1. STARVING TO DEATH Nova Seamus Kootra Sly Danz Aleks
2. FRIENDS Nova Seamus Kootra Sly Danz Aleks
3. INTRUDER! Nova Seamus Kootra Sly Danz Aleks
4. LET IT GOLD! Nova Seamus Kootra Sly Danz Aleks
5. PEACE FLOWER Nova Seamus Kootra Sly Danz Aleks
6. RETREAT Nova Seamus Kootra Sly Danz Aleks
7. INVASION Nova Seamus Kootra Sly Danz Aleks
8. MASSIVE BREACH Nova Seamus Kootra Sly Danz Aleks
9. GIFT OF FLIGHT Nova Seamus Kootra Sly Danz Aleks
2nd 10. A NEW LAND Nova Seamus Kootra Sly Danz
11. CREATURES ASSEMBLE Nova Seamus Kootra Sly Danz
12. AN UNEXPECTED ATTACK Nova Seamus Kootra Sly Danz
13. DESOLATION OF GOO Nova Seamus Kootra Sly Danz
14. #FORTHEGROUP AGAIN Nova Seamus Kootra Sly Danz
15. FELLOWSHIP OF THE TOWNSY Nova Seamus Kootra Sly Danz
16. THE TWO WATCHERS Nova Seamus Kootra Sly Danz
17. RETURN OF THE MASSES Nova Seamus Kootra Sly Danz
18. REVENGE Nova Seamus Kootra Sly Danz
3rd 19. WOW Nova Seamus Kootra Sly Aleks
20. TECHNICAL DIFFICULTIES Nova Seamus Kootra Sly Aleks
21. BACK ON TRACK Nova Seamus Kootra Sly Aleks
22. LEG ROT Nova Seamus Kootra Sly Aleks
23. JOURNEY ACROSS THE EARTH Nova Seamus Kootra Sly Aleks
24. SLOW MO Nova Seamus Kootra Sly Aleks
4th 25. GLITCHERS Seamus Kootra Danz Aleks
26. OFF TO WAR Seamus Kootra Danz Aleks
27. ENTOURAGE Seamus Kootra Danz Aleks
28. PILLAGING Seamus Kootra Danz Aleks
29. WUUSSSS Seamus Kootra Danz Aleks
30. PENETRATION Seamus Kootra Danz Aleks
31. FIRE THE CANNON Seamus Kootra Danz Aleks


  • The series is similar to Sly's Surviving Server series that involved Sly setting up his own base and gaining allies.
  • The song used for the outro is Insomnia by Mr FijiWiji.
  • Seamus and Kootra are the only Creatures to appear in every episode thus far (prior to the hiatus)
  • The series is currently on hiatus and may return in the future.
    • In the "TreeTopia Finale announcement" video, while Dan and Kootra were giving updates on the future of Minecraft series on the Hub channel, Dan asked Jordan "What about Factions?". In response, Jordan made one of his trademark disgusted faces. This was probably because of the problems they have encountered on the series, but it did not eliminate the idea of the series ever returning.
  • It is widely believed the hiatus is due to the amount of griefing done to the Creatures' bases after they end their recording sessions.