Creature Game Nights
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Channels Creature Hub
Series Start February 6, 2012
Series End Ongoing
Participants Kootra
Gassy Mexican
Danz Newz
Dexter Manning

Creature Game Nights (CGN) is a series on the Creature Hub YouTube channel. The series was first shot in the Creature House and starred all the Creatures present at the house. Now, they have a room in the office setup for recording game night episodes.


The Creatures have filmed themselves playing Kinect games with the addition of a live action camera depicting what they were doing in real life. Episode four welcomed the first Wii game being played by the group.

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Episode List of Creature Game Nights.
Game Participants Episode #
Kinect Adventures JordanJamesSeamusSlyMaxDan, and Monica 1

Wipeout Kinect

Jordan, and Seamus 2
Kinect Sports: Boxing Jordan, James, Sly, and Dan 3
Mario Party 8 Jordan, Seamus, Dan, and James 4-6
Mario Party 9 James, Seamus, and Dan 7-13
Family Feud: 2012 Edition Seamus, James, and Dan 14-17
The Price is Right: Decades Seamus, James, and Dan 18-19
You Don't Know Jack Dan, James, and Seamus 20-21
Disney's Guilty Party Seamus, James, and Dan 22-24
Pacman Party Seamus, James, and Dan 25-26, 28-30
The Ultimate Borderlands Race Jordan, James, Max, Seamus, and Dan 27
New Super Mario Bros. U Jordan, Seamus, James, and Dan


33-34 (On Hiatus due to Nintendo Copyright issues.)

Fuzion Frenzy (Sponsored by Taco Bell) Jordan, Seamus, Dan, and James 32
007 Goldeneye N64 James, Dan, Sly, and Jordan 35-37
Mario Party N64 James, Dan, Sly, and Jordan 38-40
Halo 3 (Creature Beard Competition Part 1) Jordan, Dan, Aleks, and Sly 41
Arkham City (Creature Beard Competition Part 2) Aleks, Jordan, Sly, and Dan 42
Call of Duty 4 (Creature Beard Competition Part 3) Jordan, Dan, Sly, and Aleks 43
The Game of Life James, Seamus, Dan, and Jordan 44-51
Mario & Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games Seamus, Dan, and Jordan 52-57
Shrek Super Party Jordan, James, Dex, and Dan 58-61
Viva Piñata: Party Animals Jordan, James, and Kevin 62-65
Jenga Jordan, James, Dan, and Aleks 66-69
Clue Jordan, Dan, Dex, and Kevin 70-73
Mario Party 7 Jordan, Dan, Aleks, and Dex 74-79
Wheel of Fortune Jordan, Dan, and Dex 80-82
Mario Party 10 Jordan, James, Dan, and Seamus 83-88
Fibbage Jordan, James, Dan, Seamus, and Aleks 89-90
Drawful Jordan, James, Dan, Seamus, and Aleks 91-92
Mario Party 10 (Amiibo Party Mode) Jordan , James, Dan, and Seamus 93-96
Vegas Party Jordan, James, Dan, and Kevin 97-98
Mary-Kate and Ashley Sweet 16: Licensed to Drive James, Dan, Dex, and Spencer 99-102
Monopoly Plus Jordan, James, Dan, and Aleks 103-108
Minute To Win It James, Dex, Spencer, and Aron 109-110
Quiplash Dan, Dex, and Intern Joe 111-112
Club Penguin Jordan, James, Dex, and Spencer 113


  • Ze and Sp00n are currently the only Creatures to not participate in the game night activities.
  • Monica and Spencer are the only Critters to participate in the game night activities.
  • CGN is one of the few series on the Creature Hub to use sponsorship. ex: Taco Bell.
  • Gassy and Sly are the only former Creatures to participate in the game night activities.
  • Originally, it was thought that The Creatures Play would become the replacement for the series since there was not really room to record in the Creature Office. However, this was later proven false after the Creatures released a Creature Game Night for the Game of Life in August, 2014. They have created a new setup for Creatures Play, thus being able to bring back CGN.

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