2014[edit | edit source]

Title Description Date
The Creatures Office Tour: VOL 1 Jordan and Dan take you for a tour around the new Creature office. Jan. 4, 2014
CREATURE HOUSE TOUR Jordan and Dan give a belated tour of the second Creature house via a whiteboard drawing. Jan. 11, 2014
Wall Mount Jordan atempts to secure a TV wall mount in the stream room with a little help from the others. Jan. 16, 2014
The Creatures Office Tour: VOL 2 Jordan and Dan give a second update to the Creature office. Feb. 7, 2014
Fireplace Jordan, Seamus, and Dan attempt to build the fireplace for the Sarcasm with Seamus set. Mar. 30, 2014
T-Shirt Gun James tests out the T-Shirt gun on the others in the office. Apr. 2, 2014
Hotel Helicopter The guys get a toy helicopter to play with in their PAX hotel room. Apr. 13, 2014
#RIPWendy The Creatures say goodbye to a small critter who had a big impact in their lives. Apr. 1, 2014
CSI Creature Office - Stream Room James takes a blacklight to the stream room to see what the other Creatures have been up to at their stations. Apr. 24, 2014
Pranking Koots After the 100th Creature Talk, Jordan comes back to a surprise in his office. Apr. 29, 2014
Trespassing Jordan, James, and Dan sneak into the office next to theirs and scope out the place. Jun. 1, 2014
Wallmount 2: Wallmount Harder Jordan performs a second attempt at installing another wall mount in the stream room. Jun. 19, 2014
Hail Jordan and Dan see that it's hailing outside the office and proceed to run around outside. Jun. 24, 2014
Moth Hunters Jordan, Aleks, and Dex go around the office and hunt down the moths plaguing the area. Jun. 26, 2014
Seamus Gets A Haircut 2: Haircut Harder The office Creatures get together to, once again, cut Seamus' hair. Jul. 7, 2014
Fart Spray Prank The guys decide to prank Dex with a smelly spray. Jul. 9, 2014
Scaring Dex After learning Dex gets scared easily, the guys attempt to freak him out multiple times. Jul. 13, 2014
Dex's Flight Dex says his goodbyes to the office and leaves for the airport... or so he thinks he's leaving. Jul. 20, 2014
Pranking Koots 2 Dan decides to prank Jordan with a certain spray while he's streaming. Aug. 3, 2014
New Recording Room Setup Jordan, Dan, and Aleks show off the new room for Creatures Play and other videos. Aug. 13, 2014
Sound Foam Joran and Seamus take the sound foam to the Creatures Play room and enure everyone's criticisms. Aug. 19, 2014
The Creatures AIS Ice Bucket Challenge Jordan, James, Seamus, and Aleks accept the ice bucket challenge. Aug. 23, 2014
Dex Pranks Dex gets prank payback on Dan from his last visit to the office. Aleks also gets pranked. Sep. 4, 2014
Dex Pranks 2: Prank Harder The Dex pranks continue, this time with Spencer as the victim. Sep. 13, 2014
The YouTuber Anki DRIVE Battle Grand Prix Approaches Joran and James receive invitations and tools to participate in the ANKI Drive Grand Prix. Sep. 27, 2014
Planes Jordan, Dan, Dex, and Kevin take cheap planes and have a little competition. Oct. 2, 2014
Nerf War On a regular day in the office, a Nerf war breaks out. Oct. 4, 2014
Fart Spray Prank Gone Wrong! James and Dex attempt to prank Kevin while he streams, but it goes wrong. Oct. 5, 2014
Giant Bears Pt1 When rumors of large stuffed bears reach the office, they head to Costco to add to the bear pile. Oct. 25, 2014
Giant Bears Pt2 With the large bears in tow, all the guys have to do is bring it home. Oct. 26, 2014
Baby Food Challenge Part 1 of 2 James takes on the challenge of figuring out what each baby food he eats tastes like. Nov. 9, 2014
Baby Food Challenge Part 2 of 2 Part 2 of the Baby Food Challenge, James has to complete it to its end. Nov. 9, 2014
Pumpkin Disposal Spencer has to get rid of the rotting pumpkins from the 2014 LiveScream. Nov. 21, 2014
Kevin's PC Build Jordan attempts to build Kevin's PC without screwing anything up. Nov. 23, 2014
Bear Butt Knife Throws Since the office bears aren't seeing any use, the guys throw knives at them. Particularly in the butt area. Nov. 28, 2014
Carl's Jr. Run Jordan, Kevin, and Spencer go to Carl's Jr. hoping for a perfect order. Nov. 30, 2014
Office Wall Destruction The Daily Adventure Crew (Jordan, Kevin, and Spencer) witness the tearing down of the hallway wall. Dec. 2, 2014
Depot Duo Run The Daily Adventure Crew goes to Office Depot and Home Depot for office stuff. Dec. 4, 2014
Gorilla Poop Prank James gets a present from a gorilla, and many poop pranks ensue. Dec. 7, 2014
Steak N' Shake The Daily Adventure Crwe goes for yet another food run, this time to Kevin's favorite food place. Dec. 9, 2014
IKEA Trip The Daily Adventure Crew brings James and Intern Joe to IKEA for more office stuff. Dec. 11, 2014
Ornament Hunt Jordan, Dan, and Kevin go out to find ornaments for the Christmas tree. Dec. 12, 2014
Christmas Tree The office sees the erection of the Christmas tree and its decoration process. Dec. 16, 2014
Barf Spray After the events of the Secret Santa, Intern Joe brings back an old prank. Dec. 30, 2014
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