Title Description Date
Sound Foam 2: Foam Harder Jordan and Seamus take their sound foam game to the new Creature Talk set. Jan. 6, 2015
Thrift Store Run Jordan, Dan, Spencer, and Intern Joe head to a thrift store for Sracasm with Seamus props. Apr. 9, 2015
DEATHSPRAY James, Spencer, and Intern Joe combine the fart sprays into one foul concoction. Apr. 11, 2015
Slow-Mo Snowball Fight The guys have a good ol fashioned snowball fight. In April. Apr. 16, 2015
50 Lush Bath Bombs The guys see what happens when you put 50 lush bath bombs into one tub. Apr. 25, 2015
Bean Bag Destruction Jordan and James dissect a bean bag with sharp, pointy objects. May 9, 2015
Chair Surfing The guys ride a broken chair down the hallways. Repeatedly. May 13, 2015
Creatures at Disney Land The Creatures visit the happiest place on Earth. Jun. 29, 2015
P.O. Box Run After a few weeks of accumulating mail, the guys pay a visit to the P.O. box. Jul. 1, 2015
Slim Jim Archery (LOST VIDEO) Jordan's bows are used to fire long pieces of meat at people. Jul. 2, 2015
QuadCopter Jordan gets a quadcopter with a camera and takes to the skies. Jul. 3, 2015
Extreme Bladers The guys get some roler skates and see who can actually use them without failing. Jul. 5, 2015
Behind The King The guys take you behind the scenes for the series The King. Jul. 8, 2015
Cena Fight! The John Cena punching bag that the guys bought on their Road to E3 videos gets put to use. Jul. 10, 2015
Birthday Surprise! Intern Joe gets a birthay surprise: a trip to a special place! Jul. 11, 2015
Boomerang Adventures The guys play with a boomerang they received in the mail. Jul. 13, 2015
Random Creature Office Moment - Arrow War An arrow war commences in the office! Jul. 15, 2015
Rollerboard The future arrives at the office in the shape of a rollerboard. Jul. 16, 2015
Archery Joran takes some of the guys out to shoot some arrows. Jul. 17, 2015
Trampoline Madness Some of the Creatures go to Jumpstreet and find some trampolines to jump on. Jul. 22, 2015
Random Creature Office Moment | Air Guns Jordan gnd Dex go crazy with air guns. Jul. 27, 2015
Random Creature Office Moment | Frisbee The office throws a frisbee around in the hallway. Jul. 31, 2015
Piñata The group gets a piñata, and many things get hit. Aug. 3, 2015
Renaissance Cringe Festival King Aleks leads his troupe to a Renaissance festival. Aug. 10, 2015
Frisbee Golf The guys head to a Frisbee Golf course and play by their own rules. Aug. 12, 2015
Mini Bike The office gets a mini bike, and the guys fool around with it outside. Aug. 17, 2015
Go-Karts Jordan, Aleks, Dex, and the Joes visit a Go-Kert track and see who's the fastest racer. Aug. 19, 2015
Denver Aquarium The office takes a trip to the Aquarium for a nice day out. Aug. 21, 2015
Styrofoam Plane Jordan finds a styrofoam plane to play around with outside along with Spencer, Intern Joe, and Aron. Aug. 24, 2015
Shock Collar Pogo Challenge Spencer comes up with a brilliant challenge: who can pogo the longest on a pogo stick while wearing a shock collar. Aug. 29, 2015
Ghost Bridge Investigation Jordan takes the Ghost Zone crew to investigate a haunted bridge. Aug. 30, 2015
Getting Shaved The Joes and Dan get special barber service from the office, and Jordan, James, and Aleks join a gang. Sep. 3, 2015
Fun with BB-8 The guys have a BB-8 Sphero and have oodles of fun with the droid. Sep. 4, 2015
Star Wars Force Friay Midnight Toy Launch Jordan, Spencer, and Intern Joe head over to Toys R Us to get Star Wars toys at midnight. Sep. 7, 2015
Mini Bike Mayhem The mini bike is brought back to life, this time in the office. Sep. 9, 2015
Wild Animal Sanctuary The office visits an animal sanctuary to see animals like lions, tigers, and hand puppets. Sep. 11, 2015
Bullwhip Chaos The office gets a bullwhip, and things get whipped, Indiana Jones style. Sep. 18, 2015
Rubberband Guns Jordan and Aron find a few rubberband guns and shoot things around the office. Sep. 20, 2015
Office Demolition Prank When Jordan and Spencer are away, the office demolition crew will play. Namely in Jordan's office. Sep. 26, 2015
OFFICE BLACKOUT The office goes through a partial blackout, and some people lose it. Sep. 26, 2015
Katana VS Fruit Using a gift katana from their booth neighbors at RTX, the guys play real Fruit Ninja. Sep. 27, 2015
Shopping Trip Jordan, Dan, and Aron go shopping for fruits, vegetables, and Toy Chest toys. Sep. 30, 2015
Mall Adventure The office goes to the mall and goes on an adventure. Oct. 6, 2015
Spud Gun Jordan and Aron find yet another weapon to use on the office wellers: a spud gun. Oct. 7, 2015
Chinese Snacks Aron's box of Chinese snacks are shared with James and Aleks. Oct. 9, 2015
Mystery Smell Challenge James' sense of smell is put to the test and undergoes a smell identifying challenge. Oct. 10, 2015
John Cena Mead Jordan and Artist Joe attempt to create mead, until a certain someone ads their own flavor to the video... and the mead. Oct. 14, 2015
Stanley Hotel Ghost Hunt The guys head to Stanley Hotel to try and hunt down a spooky ghost. Oct. 31, 2015
Christmas Decorating It's time again to decorate for Christmas, and the guys need to get new ornaments! Dec. 7, 2015
100 Chicken Nugget Surprise! Aron was hungry and wanted Wendys, so the guys got him 100 nuggets. Dec. 12, 2015
Mead Bottling After the long wait, the guys revisit the John Cena mead. Dec. 16, 2015
Gingerbread Mansion The office ecides to build a giant gingerbread mansion, but end up giving it a Creature touch. Dec. 20, 2015
Secret Santa Selection 2015 The office gets together to choose who their Secret Santa will be for this holiay season. Dec. 23, 2015
Toys for Tots The guys get a bunch of new toys to give to the tots. Dec. 26, 2015
2015 LiveScream Check Reveal Jordan and the crew visit the ThereWithCare facility and present the check for the money raised from this year's LiveScream. Dec. 27, 2015
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