2016[edit | edit source]

Title Description Date
Office Expansion The guys pack up their offices and prepare to tear down the walls that separate them. Jan. 1, 2016
Cupcake Concoction James and Aron put together a disgusting mash of cupcakes and other items in memory of Aron's potato. Jan. 9, 2016
NORMAN REEDUS! | 2015 Secret Santa Pt. 1 The first part of the Secret Santa, and someone makes a special appearance. Jan. 15, 2016
SECRET SANTA SURPRISE! | 2015 Secret Santa Pt. 2 Part 2 of the Secret Santa, an there's a special surprise for someone! Jan. 16, 2016
NEW BABU?! | 2015 Secret Santa Pt. 3 The final part of the Secret Santa, and a new generation of disgusting baby is born. Jan. 17, 2016
IKEA Desk Run Joran, Dan, Artist Joe, and Aron travel to IKEA to get new desks for the office. Jan 20, 2016
Bullpen COMPLETE The guys work on and finally complete the bullpen setup in the office. Jan. 23, 2016
AIR CAN FREEZE Aron discovers that upside-down air cans can freeze things, and the office goes on a freezing spree. Jan. 30, 2016
BLOW DARTS Jordan gets his hands on a blow dart gun and makes Aron his target. Feb. 6, 2016
Wall Mount With A Vengeance Jordan brings back the wall mounts and puts a third one up in the bullpen area. Feb. 11, 2016
GIANT SLING SHOT The office gets a giant sling shot, and much shooting at objects and people ensue. Feb. 13, 2016
Office Jousting Jordan and Aron duel in the office with toy swords and table legs. Feb. 15, 2016
BOB ROSS EASEL Jordan and Artist Joe get an easel and set up for a new show. Feb. 21, 2016
Apple Cinnamon Mead Jordan and Artist Joe whip up four more unique meads, even before the first batch is done. Feb. 28, 2016
Indoor Skydiving Jordan, Dan, Spencer, Aron, Intern Joe, and Artist Joe all go indoor skydiving. Mar. 22, 2016
Fart Spray Candle Jordan and Intern Joe make a candle with multiple senses whilst having fart spray in it also. Mar. 26, 2016
Mead Tasting Jordan and Artist Joe both try out their first mead (Cena mead) after letting it sit for 3 months. Mar. 29, 2016
The Ultimate Egg Toss Jordan and Dan both throw eggs: trying to get it through the hoop that which Spencer is wearing on his head. Apr. 13, 2016
Beer Tasting Challenge (Locavore Beer Works) Jordan and Artist Joe go to a local brewery to test out multiple beers. Apr. 25, 2016
Pokey Stick People use The Telepresence Robot to go around the office to poke people with a screwdriver. Apr. 28, 2016
Beer Tasting Challenge (Living the Dream) Jordan and Artist Joe go out once more to a brewery to try out multiple beers. May. 3, 2016
Shock Game 2: Lie Detector Jordan, Dan, Spencer, and Artist Joe all play a shocking/lie detector game. May. 5, 2016
Nerf Archery Jordan, Artist Joe, Spencer, and Dan all use Nerf Archery Bow's and battled/shot them. May. 7, 2016
Mead Bottling Phase 2 Jordan and Artist Joe finally bottle the four other mead's they created months prior. May. 8, 2016
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