The Creature Livestream ( is the stream home of the Creatures.


Note: The Creature streams (i.e. Dex streams) are more random as of 2014.

Former Stream ShowsEdit

  • Wake up with Sly and Koots
  • Sp00n Streams
  • James and Aleks Streams AKA NovaHD streams
  • Dan and Koots Stream AKA: KootsNewz Stream.
  • Seamus and Sly Stream AKA SSSS Stream or SlyPKC stream
  • Game Night Streams

Notable StreamsEdit


The Creatures have been known for their streaming. They have become good friends with the guys at Twitch, and stream multiple times weekly. Their first and most popular type of stream is Creature Talk, a podcast where multiple Creatures come together and discuss topics. They also do regular gaming streams, which includes a wide variety of games.

They have recently begun doing theme streams, such as their Halloween stream and week-long theme streams. Starting in the summer of 2014, the Creatures started experimenting with solo streams, revealed in Aleks' solo stream from June 17, 2014.


  • The Creatures are known for uploading short videos on their channels/on the hub that announce when streams go live. James and Aleks are known especially for theirs.
  • With Sly leaving the Creatures, it is currently unknown who will take his place for the Sunday streams with Seamus.
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