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Creature Shorts are theatrical shorts that appear on The Creature Hub channel. They could be considered the main upload on The Creature Hub, as well as some of the channel's most viewed videos.


Creature Shorts were first produced once the Creature House was assembled. The first Creature Short was Sly's Arrival and the second was Bunny Bust, which is also the most viewed short to date, and was the first Creature short to spawn a sequel.

List of Creature Shorts

*Notes: From The Hangover: Creature Edition and on, all Creature Shorts were improvised (therefore no writer). Only the first few Creature Shorts, and ones that are aimed to be theatrical are credited with a director.

Title Date published Written by Directed by Starring
Sly's Arrival Feb 5 2012 Danz & Sly Unknown Kootra, Gassy, Nova, Danz, SSoH, & Sly
Bunny Bust Feb 25 2012 Kootra, Gassy, Nova, Danz, & SSoH Kootra Gassy, Nova, Danz, & SSoH
Meanwhile Apr 14 2012 Improvised by Kootra N/A Kootra (Cameos by:Gassy, Nova, Danz, & SSoH)
Bunny Green Screen Apr 28 2012 N/A Nova, Danz, & SSoH Nova
Goodbye Red Velvet Jun 12 2012 Unknown Unknown Kootra
Copying PSA Sep 8 2012 Danz Danz Kootra, Gassy, Danz, & SSoH
Call of Creature: Modern Nerf-War Sep 15 2012 Unknown Kootra Gassy, Nova, Danz, & SSoH
Meanwhile at YouTube Sep 22 2012 KootraGassy, & Danz Danz Kootra & Gassy
Bunny Bust II - Part One Oct 7 2012 Danz Danz Kootra, Gassy, Nova, & Danz
Bunny Bust II - Part Two Oct 19 2012 Danz Danz Kootra, Gassy, Nova, Danz, SSoH, & Sly
The Hangover: Creature Edition May 4 2013 Improvised Danz Kootra, Nova, Danz, & guest ChimneySwift
Ze's Short Jul 11 2013 Improvised Unknown Kootra, Ze, Nova, Danz, SSoH, & Sly
Meanwhile 2 Jul 24 2013 Improvised Kootra & Sly Kootra & Sly
Trick or Treat October 31 2013 Improvised Danz Kootra, Nova, Sly, & Immortal
Where's Seamus? November 21 2013 Improvised Kootra and Danz Kootra, Nova, Danz, SSoH, Sly, & Immortal
Snowflake - an experimental film Jan 9 2014 Improvised Danz Danz
St. Patrick's Day March 17 2014 Improvised Danz Kootra, Danz, SSoH, & Sly
Creatures of the Living Dead Dec 21, 2014 Improvised Kootra & Spencer Kootra, Nova, Danz, SSoH, Kevin, & Intern Joe
Five Nights at Freddy's | LIVE ACTION short film Mar 7, 2015 Kootra & Danz Danz Kootra, Nova, Danz, SSoH, Immortal, Kevin, & Intern Joe
After Hours (Creature Short) May 30, 2015 Unknown Unknown Dexter Manning, Danz, and Artist Joe
The Martians | Parody November 1, 2015 Spencer Kootra and Spencer Kootra, Nova, Danz, and Dex
Office Alone December 25, 2015 Unknown Kootra and Danz Kootra, Danz, Dex, Spencer, Intern Joe, Artist Joe, and Aron


  • Bunny Bust and Meanwhile are the only two Creature Shorts thus far with a sequel.
  • Sly, Ze, and Seamus are the only Creatures with their own shorts.
  • ChimneySwift11 is the only non-Creature to appear in a Creature Short thus far, appearing in the Hangover short.
  • Bunny Bust II was Gassy Mexican's last Creature Short, and one of his last known works with the Creatures before being voted from the group.
  • Creature Shorts have spawned off into some "Creature Short-like" series, most notably SuperCast! and Sarcasm with Seamus.
  • Nova (in Bunny Green Screen) and Danz (in Snowflake) are the only Creatures to be in a short with no other Creatures appearing.
  • Sp00n is still yet to appear in a Short.
  • The character Bunny has appeared in the most Creature Shorts out of any individual character. (Bunny Bust, Bunny Green Screen, and Bunny Bust II)
  • Trick or Treat was the first Creature Short appearance of ImmortalHD.
  • The short The Martians was meant to be a Creature Movie Nights skit, but ended up becoming its own short. It was also one of Spencer's biggest creative works on the channel.