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*Buffy and Chilled.
*Buffy and Chilled.
*TomAnex and Sawtoothkitty
*TomAnex and Scarra.
*kittkatmatt and Sawtoothkitty.
*kittkatmatt and Sawtoothkitty.

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Creature Speak is a server on the system Teamspeak, where Critters and Creatures talk together on different channels, such as gaming, music and other stuff.


A lot of relationships have been created in this server such as:

  • Buffy and Chilled.
  • TomAnex and Scarra.
  • kittkatmatt and Sawtoothkitty.
  • Brien and Phant0mZPlayer
  • Brien and Buffy.
  • Brien and His Mum.
  • Ham and A Sweaty Lemon.
  • Brien and James.
  • Phant0mZPlayer and Skott.
  • Skott and Everyone.

But some Bad relationships have been made:

  • A Sweaty Lemon and Wormy3
  • Dsm1891 and SSoHPKC

IP & Password


Password: thebrowncat69


  • Sp00n has been known to abuse his moderator power.
  • AussieClutch is twins with Dsm 1891
  • When Gassy gets bored he tends to DJ and play songs for people in Teamspeak.
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