Creature Speak is a server on the system Teamspeak, where Critters and Creatures talk together on different channels, such as gaming, music and other stuff.


The first Creature Speak was intended to go along with the Creature Minecraft server and other games the Creatures played on, such as World of Warcraft. Most Creatures would go onto it and chat with the fans, such as Chilled Chaos, Gassy Mexican (this was when they were Creatures), Ze and Sp00n. Several fans that are now actual friends of the Creatures, TomAnex and Cynthiaa, were regulars of the server along with many others, like SawToothKitty (popular Creature Speakers). The chat was shut down after inactivity by the Creatures.

The next Creature Speak was made for Creature Talk to substitute Skype for Creature Talk callers. Fans can go into the server and can be randomly selected to the chat to talk with the Creatures.


  • On the first server, Sp00n was known to abuse his moderator powers.
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