Creature Speak is a server on the system Teamspeak, where Critters and Creatures talk together on different channels, such as gaming, music and other stuff.


Alot of relationships have been created in this server such as:

Buffy and Chilled

DaNg3RxXx and Sawtoothkitty

kittkatmatt and Sawtoothkitty

DaNg3RxXx and Buffy

Brien and His Mum

Ham and A Sweaty Lemon

But some Bad relationships have been made:

A Sweaty Lemon and Wormy3


^ a Gangsta

Dsm1891 and SSoHPKC

There is one MLG gangsta in the Server he is james (AussieClutch) as you see in the picture.He does livestreams which is sexy (boner)

IP & Password




  • Sp00n has been known to abused his mod power.
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