The Critters are a group of millions of fans who watch the Creatures' videos.

Interactions with CreaturesEdit

Fans of the Creatures aren't individually acknowledged, aside from instances when the Creatures will reply to YouTube comments or tweets from fans. There was also the segment on Creature Talk in which fans called in and post questions to the Creatures, risking being ridiculed (jokingly) or praised. However, approached in public they will happily talk to their fans.


Occasionally fans are specifically named as a group, such as Sly referring to his fans and subscriber-base as his Homies and Immortal referring to his fans as Nobs. Some friends of the Creatures name their fanbase like Chimney's Swifters, but the practice isn't widely used among most Creatures. Most have expressed disdain at the idea of naming their fans, saying that they never will because it's stupid. However they did jokingly entertain thoughts of names, some of which fans may use unofficially like the Danz Clan, Team Silverback, or Anal Army. "Critters" is a generalized, accessible term for fans of the Creatures as a group, the name coming from the first rank on the Creature Hub. Ze has stated that he will name his fanbase "The Butts" it is unknown if he will follow through with this name.

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