Daniel "Danz Newz" Gidlow is a former Creature who is known for his love of Batman, his impressions of various people, and his skills in editing.


Early Life and YouTube

Danz got his name when he was twelve, and started a blog called Dan's News where he'd put actual news on it. Though when he wanted to start the name was taken so he had to alter his name to Danz Newz. From then it stuck and he uses it everywhere.

Danz started getting into Machinima when he got into the Grand Theft Auto game editor. He then started making The 360 Avatar, a series where Danz would voice-over his Xbox 360 Avatar talking. Danz then showed Machinima his work, and they liked it and gave him a spot.


Danz met the Creatures through Sp00n. Machinima put a description of one of Danz's videos in one of Sp00n's videos. Danz contacted Machinima about it then contacted Sp00n about it. Sp00n and Danz then became friends after that. A short time after, Sp00n introduced Danz to the Creatures, where Gassy and Danz became quick friends. He began making regular appearances on Creature Talk and doing gaming commentaries after meeting the Creatures.

Before moving to The Creature House, Dan lived in North Carolina. 

In late January 2015, Dan left Machinima and switched over to Polaris, following what most of the other Creatures did.


Danz was part of the group until the very end and joined Jordan in its final moments. 

Danz joined other former Creature in the Minecraft Reunion twitch stream.

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