Daniel "Danz Newz" Gidlow is a Creature who is known for his love of Batman, his impressions of various people, and his skills in editing. He mostly plays with Kootra and Nova on his individual channel.


Early Life and YouTube

Danz was born and grew up in Niagara Falls, New York, and later moved near Garner, North Carolina. He got his name when he was twelve, and started a blog called Dan's News where he'd put actual news on it. Though when he wanted to start the name was taken so he had to alter his name to Danz Newz. From then it stuck and he uses it everywhere.

Danz started getting into Machinima when he got into the Grand Theft Auto game editor. He then started making The 360 Avatar, a series where Danz would voice-over his Xbox 360 Avatar talking. Danz then showed Machinima his work, and they liked it and gave him a spot.


Danz met the Creatures through Sp00n. Machinima put a description of one of Danz's videos in one of Sp00n's videos. Danz contacted Machinima about it then contacted Sp00n about it. Sp00n and Danz then became friends after that. A short time after, Sp00n introduced Danz to the Creatures, where Gassy and Danz became quick friends. He began making regular appearances on Creature Talk and doing gaming commentaries after meeting the Creatures. He later adopted what they did, having considered it before.

Before moving to The Creature House, Dan lived in North Carolina. His personal life mostly involves bowling and watching movies. He does movie reviews on his channel for home media releases, and reviews for theatrical releases on the Creature Hub channel. Danz has a brother, Thomas, who is an indie film maker and has made movies in the past. He and Danz were working on a movie called Desperate Measures before Danz left for Colorado. The movie was doing well, according to Danz, but there were some complications regarding the actors. He and Dan now host a podcast on Dan's channel named The Gidlow Movie Show.

He is also known for his huge love for Batman, because of this he created a character named BatDanz, which is Dan wearing a Batman mask and talking in a Batman-esque voice.

As of February 21, 2013, Danz recently became an uncle as his sister, Kelly gave birth to Danz's niece, Pennelope. Danz was very happy to be an uncle and states that he would spoil her in any way he can though he could have been joking about spoiling her. After visiting his newborn niece and on his way back to Colorado, Danz stopped by Liz's house and announced that he and Liz would be moving out of the Creature House and into a nearby apartment together.

In late January 2015, Dan left Machinima and switched over to Polaris, following what most of the other Creatures did.

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