• Dan's falling out with Gassy is a primary reason as to why Gassy is no longer a Creature. Dan's video explaining the situation can be found here. The two eventually made up and are now friends again.
  • He has a Photobucket account for artwork.
  • Before moving to Colorado and the Creature House, he had never had chinese food, Taco Bell, or been in a 7-11/tried a Slurpee.
  • He has a wide variety of Alter Egos, like many of the other Creatures.
  • Dan, along with Seamus, are the only Creatures who are always called by their actual names by other Creatures, as opposed to their YouTube names (Danz Newz/Danz and SSoHPKC/SSoH).
  • His favorite number is 8. [1]
  • He has an alter-ego as "Rusty Duke" in the show The Dukes of Hazzard: Reloaded. His character is brother to Kootra's "Barbecue Duke" and they drive around Hazzard City (actually Liberty City from Grand Theft Auto IV) in their car, the "Colonel Sanders" (The General Lee).
  • Danz Tattoo

    Danz's Tattoo

    In Creature Talk 84, Danz unveiled his tattoo of the Batman logo.
  • His dad and Ze's Dad played hockey on the same team "back in the day" according to this tweet.


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