Detroit is a running gag and term used by all of the Creatures, but originally was started by (and mostly used by) ex-Creature Seamus. Detroit is used to describe anything bad, or of extremely poor quality. One example is saying that something "looks/smells/feels like Detroit."

History[edit | edit source]

The first instance of Detroit being referenced was during a Creature Talk where the Creatures got into a discussion about if they played on any other Minecraft servers while not recording. They mentioned that they once played on a Minecraft server called "New Detroit". On the server it was very laggy, the spawn was severely griefed, and there were many dirt pillars scattered about the map. The Creatures then started using the term "Detroit" in their videos. However, before Seamus joined the Creatures, he had frequently used "Detroit" to describe any location, item or other miscellaneous object deemed subpar due to Seamus's general dislike and disdain of Detroit, Michigan. He is responsible for introducing the gag to the other Creatures.

Instances of Use[edit | edit source]

  • Seamus mentioned Detroit during the Treehouse Reborn when the team was building the church in honor of Kootra's wedding. Nova had built dirt scaffolding to place torches on the ceiling, to which Seamus remarked that "This place looks like Detroit."
  • Seamus also used it to indicate general negativity following the Creature House air hockey match between Dan and Gassy for the master bedroom. Seamus said that Dan had "chutzpah" while Gassy had "Detroit chutzpah" as in, no chutzpah whatsoever.
  • During his SimCity playthrough Seamus named his city 'Detroit' in hopes of making it as awful of a city as possible.
  • In the very first Movie Trip (Avengers Movie Trip), Seamus jokingly stated, 'Detroit, I hope' when asked by Kootra where they were headed for today.
  • Seamus created a Minecraft series entitled Detroitcraft, which has since been abandoned.
  • After Immortal had set fire to the Great Walkway of China in TreeTopia Ep.59, Seamus remarked that the burned ruins of the walkway and surrounding areas looked like Detroit.
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