• Dex was an old friend of the Creatures before he became one.
    • Out of all the Creatures, he met Kootra and Sp00n first.
  • Dex has had the most appearances as a non-Creature in Creature Hub content, appearing in six different Creature Hub series, these series include Creatures Play, First Five, Creature Movie Trips, a Red Dead Redemption series, a Minecraft Parkour series, and two episodes of Creature Talk. This was all while he visited the guys at the office in June-early July of 2014.
    • This was all until he was announced as a member of the Creatures at RTX 2014.
  • He is the only Creature without a YouTube moniker, as he always goes by his name.
  • One joke is that he has a banana fetish. This is used as a running gag in various live action videos.
  • Dex left the Creatures in bad terms on April 20, 2016.

Personal Life

  • He said on Creature Talk that he has some bladder problems.
  • He has referenced that he has/had a girlfriend.
  • He has mentioned having a twin brother.
  • Dex's Zodiac Sign is an Aries, as stated in The HUB - MAR 20, 2015
  • Dex's favorite color is yellow.
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