Die Hard References is a gag created by Seamus. He uses it in the titles of his videos when there is a recurring thing that he deems gag-worthy.


The first appearance of this gag is not clear. However it is, and has been, a popular gag that has been with Seamus long before he joined the Creatures. Other Creatures have participated in this gag, but it has mainly been used by Seamus and shows no signs of stopping. Kingdom Hearts Walkthrough Episode 43: Ursula II - Ursula Harder; one of the earliest uses of Die Hard references in a title. (This is one of the earliest videos available. However, the gag is older, and several videos using said title were removed during a widespread video purge of Seamus' channel in mid 2011, removing 500+ videos due to copyrighted music). A more popular instance of the gag was during his Skyrim series, in which each mace was named "Mace To Face", and with each successive mace being another title in the series. (i.e Mace To Face II - Mace Harder)


  • "_____ 2: ______ Harder"
  • "_____ 3: ____With A Vengeance"
  • "Live Free or _____"
  • "A Good Day to ______Hard"
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