Dr. Pepper is a pet turtle owned by Nova
Dr. Pepper

Dr. Pepper swimming in the ocean after a horrible tornado.


Dr. Pepper was found (in Quad-Mountain Survival) when Nova was getting some reed. He was named after a soda brand of the same name. Dr. Pepper was originally going to be named Dog The Bounty Hunter, referencing the television show of the same name, but there wasn't enough space to name him that. Nova immediately left Dr. Pepper to roam the world for an unknown reason, most likely so he wouldn't have to take him home.

As of episode 37, after almost killing him with his diamond sword, Nova left Dr. Pepper at the bottom of a water-filled hole by his garden. This was done in hopes that he would be protected from the rain and mobs. A tornado ruined a portion of Nova's house and sent him rocketing into the sky. After the tornado ceased, he found Dr. Pepper swimming around. Nova was extremely happy to see him, and tried to bring him home. This was turned into an Animated Classic. They were then attacked by an Earth Creeper, yet Dr. Pepper still survived. Nova has called him brave and possibly his favorite turtle of them all. Later, Nova was going to take Dr. Pepper with him to destroy the second mountain. Dr. Pepper bravely jumped on the teleporter before Nova, and it was presumed that Dr. Pepper was standing on it because Nova couldn't teleport through it.

At the end of episode 39, Nova went chasing after Dr. Pepper, After that cliffhanger, James did in fact find Dr. Pepper, who had went through the teleporter by himself. Once Nova found his turtle, he went off to the second mountain to try and destroy it again with his drill item. He destroyed an extremely small portion of the mountain, but then got distracted by the various ores around him.

At episode 40, when Nova got back he, yet again, didn't find Dr. Pepper. Dr. Pepper hopped onto the teleporter and went back to Nova's house. Nova then brought Dr. Pepper to the second mountain and "grounded" Dr. Pepper for always running away. While Nova was exploring the rest of the mountain another tornado came by and once again took Dr. Pepper away. It is unknown if he survived or not. Nova placed a sign in his house stating that Dr. Pepper is missing.

In a recent Twitch stream on May 19, 2018, James once again played Minecraft as he reached a sub-goal. During the stream, James revived Dr. Pepper for nostalgia sake.


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