Matthew Eades, known simply as Eades, was a Creature for a short time in 2011, but his departure was never announced by himself or any Creature. He was known for his ManaTank contract and Modern Warfare's Captain Price impression. He has played many games with the other Creatures, and he was once a regular on Creature Talk. It appears that he is no longer friends with the Creatures, but this is currently unknown. Out of all the Creatures he was mainly friends with Jordan, Dan, and Max (when Max was a Creature).

Bio[edit | edit source]

It is currently unknown how Eades started to play with the Creatures, though it is known that his first videos were with Gassy. It is believed that they knew each other through Gamer Gaia, although this has never been confirmed.

Eades made ManaTank with Gassy, Oliver, Kevin, and Eric from 2011 to 2013. After a long hiatus, Eades rebooted the podcast "Talking Reckless" with hosts Oliver, Kevin and new host Brandon. When Eades reached his 100th video, he recorded and uploaded a picture of his face. As of this moment, it is unsure if Eades is still considered a friend of the Creatures; however, former Creature Gassy still follows him on Twitter. He has not mentioned by any of the Creatures as of recently, so they may have lost touch.

On December the 4th, 2015. Kootra re-uploaded a old video with Eades on his channel. However, in the description he linked his old channel, showing that they have indeed lost contact.

Eades currently still runs the Talking Reckless podcast, posting them every Monday on the Talking Reckless website.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

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