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This page is only for Diction's history with the Creatures. For more infomation about Diction click here

Nick "Diction" or "EatMyDiction1" Mead is a YouTube gamer and friend of The Creatures. He is best friends with Ex-Creature Gassy Mexican, but is still friends with the Creatures, mainly Seamus and Sp00n.


  • Diction tends to make videos where he writes a letter to a Creature and "complains". He started out this idea because of Seamus' trend of killing bears in his Skyrim series. He named it "Dear Seamus."
  • Chilled and Diction were playing Just Cause 2 the same time as Nova and Sp00n. Chilled and Diction got a jet and hit Sp00n with it. Sp00n also pointed out he saw Diction, but he knew they didn't know who he was because of their names. They also later attempted to steal a sports car from Nova while he tried to drive to the airport.