Enrique was the name of several bunnies Nova found during the Yogscast/Creatures Christmas Charity Livestream.

The group surrounding one of the Enriques.


Nova was so amused at the little bunny that he tamed it and put it in a cage. While trying to secure it, he accidentally killed it with an axe. There were many Enriques that were killed by the group, which made Nova depressed with life. He stated that it made him an alcoholic and he was sad. Later, they found Enrique VII and Nova tamed him in a candy cane cage. They were about to call the Eye of Cthulu, and they all knew Enrique VII's fate. Enrique VII was immediately killed, soon followed by Nova, twice. A new rabbit hopped in the cage after the death of the Eye of Cthulu, and Enrique VIII was born.

Eventually, Sly's Terraria crashed, which made them all lose connection. They came back, but to a horror: Nova went to Enrique's house, but he was gone. Nova was pissed at Sly, but Sly claimed that it wasn't his fault. Sly also claimed that Enrique didn't like Nova and that he was a bad father.

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