Nova & Danz Prank Gassy

Nova & Danz Prank Gassy

One of the first uses of the fart spray


An example of a Liquid Ass prank

Farty the Fart Spray (Liquid Ass) was a running prank between the Creatures. It is usually used to prank other Creatures, usually while they are livestreaming or recording videos. In Danz Misses Koots and Nova, it is called "Farty, The Fart Spray" and was also named a Creature.


When the Creatures were still in the first Creature House, they were sent a bottle of Liquid Ass from a fan, who called it 'Kootra Juice' due to its horrible stench. Recently, the Barf Spray video was featured on the Liquid Ass website, and more cans of fart spray were sent to the Creatures.

Video Title Prankers Victim
Nova and Danz Prank Gassy James and Dan Max
Fart Spray Prank James, Dan, and Aleks Dex
Pranking Koots 2 Dan Jordan
Danz Misses Koots and Nova Dan James' and Jordan's offices
Fart Spray Prank Gone Wrong! James, Dex, and Spencer Kevin
Spooky Fart Spray - LIVESCREAM Highlight Dan, Aleks, and Seamus Jordan
Barf Spray Intern Joe Jordan, James, Dan, Seamus, Aleks, Kevin, and Spencer
DEATHSPRAY James, Spencer and Intern Joe Everyone in the office (indirectly)


  • Two more different incarnations of fart spray, barf spray and "Tex-Ass", have been seen and used in the office.
  • In Barf Spray, Joe gave Spencer an extra present, which was revealed to be another can of Liquid Ass.
  • All of the current Creatures (minus Ze and Sp00n) have experienced the scent of Liquid Ass.
  • When Jordan unboxed his second knife during a stream, James recorded himself walking to Jordan's office and spraying inside of it multiple times in frustration.
  • In the video Deathspray, the concoction that James and Intern Joe created had to be removed from the office due to the extremely foul smell that it gave off. They did not want the smell to make its way through the rest of the office building, and threw it away.
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