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First Five is a gameplay series on The Creature Hub YouTube channel.  

The Thumbnail for the First Episode.


The show details either four or five different Creatures (usually 4) playing for 5 minutes in various games, often new releases. The series featured an intro from Aleks, who would often make humorous or sarcastic remarks, usually about the show's title or format. Now there is no voice intro from Aleks, and the series is now being edited by Dex instead.


The series, along with Co-Play, were introduced with the release of GTA V. The series follows four or five different Creatures playing for either the first five minutes or their first five minutes of a game. The series has given rise to some questions, since the theme of being the first five minutes of gameplay for the Creatures was not used in all episodes.


  • It is unknown why the Creatures did an episode with League of Legends, since they have all played it in the past.
    • However, later episodes would show that it is not always all of the Creatures' first five minutes in the game. (ex: Seamus in Dark Souls 2)
  • The idea of five Creatures playing the game must have been changed, since the first episode is the only one with five Creatures; the rest have had only 4.
  • Dex was the first and only non-Creature to appear in First Five, until he joined the group prior to the Valiant Hearts episode.
  • First Five was one of the new series launched on the Creature Hub in August/Fall of 2013, along with SUPERCAST!, Co-Play, Sarcasm w/ Seamus, Creature Teacher, and TreeTopia.
  • The series was hosted and edited by Immortal, as he did the voice-over in the intro. He also appears in some episodes playing the game as well.
    • Since Dex started editing First Five, however, Aleks is not included in the intro.


Game Creatures involved
GTA V Kootra, Ze, Sp00n, Sly, and Immortal
League of Legends Kootra, Sp00n, Nova, and Danz
Assassins Creed IV: Black Flag Kootra, Nova, Danz, and Sly
Fifa 14 Kootra, Danz, SSoH, and Sly
The Lego Movie Videogame Kootra, Nova, Danz, and SSoH
Nascar 14 Kootra, Danz, Sly, and Immortal
Dark Souls 2 Kootra, Danz, SSoH, and Sly
Titanfall Kootra, Danz, SSoH, and Sly
Daylight Kootra, Danz, Sly, and Immortal
Day Z Kootra, Nova, Danz, SSoH, and Sly
Wolfenstein: The New Order Kootra, Nova, Danz, and Immortal
Destiny Nova, Danz, SSoH, and Dexter
Valiant Hearts Kootra, SSoH, Immortal, and Dexter
Dota 2 Kootra, Nova, SSoH, and Immortal
Shovel Knight Kootra, Danz, Immortal, and Dexter
Dying Light Nova, Danz, Immortal, and Kevin
Cho Aniki Kootra, Danz, SSoH, and Kevin
Spelunky Kootra, Nova, Danz, Dexter, and Kevin
The Order: 1886 Kootra, Nova, Immortal, and Dexter