It's a hell of a drug.

Fun Dip is a running gag in the Creature community, mainly for Nova, as being a substitute for the powdery drug cocaine.


A while back Nova posted a picture online of Fun Dip powder in a cocaine line. Shortly after, Kootra and Danz convinced James to snort it like the actual drug. Nova did it and complained about how much it burned his nose.

On the 24 Hour Livestream, the milestone of Nova snorting some more Fun Dip was reached, and Nova had to do Serious Time and hitting himself in the testicles (requested by Renée and Diction). Nova decided to all of them at the same time, he then punched himself in the nuts, snorted the Fun Dip and did Serious Time. Gassy announced during the stream that there is a possibility of a 'Fun Dip Cam' where James will snort Fun Dip live.

Fun Dip played an important role in the short "Bunny Bust", in which Bunny and the Gasmask Guy are a pair of Fun Dip dealers and have their drug den crashed by a pair of cops. The filming of the short used Fun Dip that fans had sent to the Creatures through their PO box.

Snorting Fun Dip was the first milestone reached during the 2015 LiveScream where Nova, Dan, Spencer, Dex, Artist Joe, Aron, Intern Joe, Kootra, Aleks, and Stefani all snorted Fun Dip. However, it was later discovered that the powder in question was not Fun Dip, but rather the offbrand Spongebob "Dig 'N Dips". Dan even apologized for making Nova snort Fun Dip on the 24-Hour Livestream.


  • The group has joked that if Nova did this more then he will lose all sense of smell, Seamus joked that this will be called Wonka-itus, a pun of the company of Fun Dip, Willy Wonka.
  • It goes in blue and comes out green. This is due to the fact, that the liquid makes the blue fun dip green.
  • In an episode of The Hub, Spencer tried to sniff a little bit of Fun Dip. He immediately stopped after sniffing a little bit through a straw, coughing and commenting that it smelt good.
Nova Snorts Fun Dip

Nova Snorts Fun Dip

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