Creatures Build a Snowman

Gary the Creature Snowman was a snowman that was created by Seamus, Danz, and Kootra at the Creature House. His full name is Gary, Indiana Snowman after the city in contrast to his first working name of Detroit Snowman.


After a snowstorm in February, Dan (Danz news) went out to the backyard of the Creature House to build a snowman. Seamus (SSoHPKC) then decided to follow him outside and film the construction. Jordan (Kootra) began to help Dan construct Gary's second layer of snow, which in turn became the base. While they were forming the second piece James (UberHaxorNova<3) came out and did a polka dance then went to the front door as Jordan threw snowballs at him telling him to come help them James said he couldn't because his muscles were relaxed. Once the two sections were completed, the three of them heaved the second section on top of the base successfully. Dan and Jordan then chose to even out the disproportionate snowman by using a saw that Dan found. Gary then went through two different designs, one which looked like a recon helmet and another which looked as if his head had been smashed in (both were destroyed by Dan), before they decided on leaving him the way he was. Unfortunately, Gary met an untimely demise after he "insulted" the St. Louis Cardinals, prompting Jordan to tackle and destroy him.

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