Max "Gassy Mexican" Gonzalez is a former Creature. He is known for his "epic" voice. 


Gassy got into making Machinima and gameplay videos because he had always been a gamer and played video games since he was around 5 years old; it made sense to him to begin getting into recording because he enjoyed playing the games and the idea of making movies with them. He started his YouTube channel in June 2006, posting gameplay videos before expanding into Machinima. 

In February 2012  he moved out to The Creature House in Colorado. After a few months of living in the house he moved into an apartment with Renée. He then slowly started to drift away from the Creatures, appearing less and less on Creature Talk and in videos with the group, and not really contributing to The Hub channel

Removal from the Creatures

Important Video. Please Watch

Important Video. Please Watch.-0

Gassy's Video explaining his removal

As of November 17, 2012, he was removed from the Creatures due to differences between him, Danz, and Kootra. They discussed it with the other Creatures, and it settled into a vote; in the end it was decided that Max would no longer be a part of the group.

Max's side of the story is in this video

Post Creature

Max continued to play games with verious Creatures, and eventually Kootra, Dan and himself settled their diffrences

In 2020 he was part of the Minecraft Reunion stream on Twitch.

Creature Short Appearances

Year Title Role Notes
2012 Sly's Arrival Himself not credited
2012 Bunny Bust Horse
2012 Meanwhile Himself Brefly; not credited
2012 Goodbye Red Velvet Himself Voice from another video
2012 Copying PSA Himself
2012 Call of Creature: Modern Nerf-War Himself
2012 Meanwhile at YouTube Various
2012 Bunny Bust II Horse/Dieter Was only Horse in part one


  • Gassy has done several commercials, one is here (right):
    Tiger Safari - 30 Second HD Commercial

    Tiger Safari - 30 Second HD Commercial

  • Gassy was the original voice of Darwin Vanguard in the City 17 Machinima series. However, his tenure there was short lived, as he only voiced the role for Episode Zero.
  • Ironically, His initials are M.L.G.
  • He was the last Creature to get a Machinima contract, despite being one of the first Creatures.
  • Gassy has stated in a tweet that he occasionally browses the Creatures' videos to see what the gang has been up to.



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