Gazathor is a ficticious being created by Gassy Mexican, Kootra and Danz in their The Legend of Gazathor series, serving as a god and central character for the backstory and mythology that fuels their 1.8.1 survival map, originally intended as solely a "first impressions" map.

Gazathor is said to have been born in the mines, growing up under the guidance and control of the dark and twisted sorcerer Shirubach, leader of the Endermen, who saw a vast potential in the young boy's powers. Despite Shirubach's intent to raise him in his own path, Gazathor- though still only in his teens- dauntlessly overthrew the sorcerer, casting him down from power, and put himself in control of the land. Gazathor is described as being an imposing man, powerful in stature, with silvery, white hair, and steely-blue eyes that sparkle in the dark as though they were diamonds.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Danz's opinion on the series is that it would be like C.A.T.S, where they intend it to develop into a machinima, but that will end up failing.
  • Gassy has a statue of the dragon Alduin from Skyrim, which he has renamed Gazathor.
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