Gazathor is a gag created by Gassy Mexican, Kootra and Danz in their The Legend of Gazathor series. It is a fake god created by them will exploring Minecraft Beta 1.8.


(This is the origin made by Gassy)

As a child, Gazathor was a hard worker in the mines of Tarcadia. In the land of Tarcadia, there was an evil sorcerer, Shirubach, leader of the Enderman, Shirubach found potential in Gazathor and pent him up until his teens, until Gazathor overthrew Shirubach and ruled for centuries. Once Shirubach was defeated, the Enderman dispatched.


  • Danz said that this is going to be like C.A.T.S where they say it's going to be a machinima, but will end up failing.
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