Gazathor is a gag created by Gassy Mexican, Kootra and Danz in their The Legend of Gazathor series. It is a fake god created by them will exploring Minecraft Beta 1.8.


Chapter One Gazathor was born in the mines from a women named Derine. His father was unknown but was believed that his father ruled the land for many centuries but mysteriously disappeared soon after his birth, which tore the peaceful world of Tarcadia into 15 different factions. By the age of 5, Gazathor began working in the mines, the new leader to take up the throne of Tarcadia was the old kings adviser, Shirubach, who became corrupt soon after the disappearance of the old king. It is unknown why Shirubach became corrupted but some believe that an expedition into the nether made Shirubach have voices from the leader of the nether, Abaddon. At the age of thirteen, gazathors mother was murdered by shirubach. Chapter Two Shirubach murdered Derine for an experiment of combining energy between two or more people. It was successful. He become twice as strong as he was previously but at the cost of derines life. Shirubach saw the strength and power of Gazathor and took him under his wing, training gazathor to be the general of his armies and the leader of the mines so that they could soon retake Tarcadia so Shirubach could get blessings from the divines to make himself an old king! But Shirubach wanted more power! He wanted to ensure that he would ascend into the ranks of the divines themselves! So he decided on Gazathors 21st birthday to have a ceremony of Gazathors official manhood. From coal miner to general of armies! But what no one new was that Shirubach planned to absorb the life power from everybody at the ceremony. The day of the ceremony was when gazathor found out that Shirubach killed his mother. How? He just retired to his quarters when an old friend from the mines arrived at his door. He has been spying on Shirubach for some time and found out about his scheme. He was talking to someone but he didn't see anyone else in the room. Shirubach Said it worked on gazathors mother, so why wouldn't it work on the men and women who attended the ceremony? Gazathor felt betrayed by his own Master! Chapter 3 So Gazathor decided to ambush shirubach. Gazathor sat all through the party until Shirubach himself (who never usually leaves his quarters) walked out onto the balcony of his castle. Gazathor knew it was his time to strike. Gazathor quickly ran up through the castle, dispatching all of the guards necessary to enter Shirubachs quarters. Right when Shirubach pulled out his staff to absorb the crowd. Gazathor leaped through the door behind shirubach, grabbing his staff. The staff activated and began to absorb Gazathor's soul! But gazathor had the blood of the old kings and overpowered shirubach, absorbing Shirubachs energy, perishing Shirubach and saving the miners. The crowd yelled his name! Gazathor, Gazathor, Gazathor! Many years pasted after that day and Gazathor, as faction leader allied with all the other 14 factions, reuniting Tarcadia as a whole! Thus, the divines reunited gazathor as the old king of Tarcadia! Then began the three centuries of peace, free will and honor! Chapter 4 But almost nobody lasts forever, and Gazathor was not one of the few that could. But when Gazathor died, His soul rose to become a true divine. The miners and personal friends of Gazathor himself built him a temple of divine proportions, so all the people to walk the temple would know his name. Gazathor kept Shirubachs soul within him during his life and once Gazathor departed so too did Shirubachs soul. Once Shirubach's soul was released, it corrupted and possessed all people except the testificates, which were the miners that surved gazathor and built the temple in his name. The remains of the people of tarcadia were either zombiefied, rotted to the bone or possessed by shirubach himself (endermen). Even some were completely changed for evil purposes of Shirubach alone (creepers). But Gazathor did not abandon his subjects. He has the power of a god and with it, smites all enemies that come in contact with the sun's raise and even some with water. But Shirubach did not let that happen with all of the creatures, one of them is resistant to all of Gazathors power (creepers)!

Epilogue (present)

1000 years have passed since gazathor's death but his legacy still remains. And gassy, danz, and kootra have only scratched the surface of gazathors true power that still lingers in his temple... be weary creatures. The temple of gazathor contains many riches but the risks are extremely great for Abaddon himself has cursed the once holy temple of Gazathor!


  • Danz said that this is going to be like C.A.T.S where they say it's going to be a machinima, but will end up failing.
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